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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food."

- Hippocrates



Nutritional Counseling

There is often a direct correlation between our state of mind and our physical condition. Different factors like insufficient nutritional education; depression, sedentary lifestyles, anxiety and stress can all contribute to our general state of mind. We often turn to food and drink to make us feel better in a moment, without fully realizing the consequences, both chemical and psychological, that these choices have on us.

How many times have you felt miserable and convinced yourself that the only thing that would make you feel better is to consume a large container of ice cream. Of course, this makes you feel great in the moment. It tastes good, it takes your mind off your problem and the sugar content gives you a temporary high. But, after the initial feeling of mild euphoria or even simple contentment, when the sugar has been processed you are left with feelings of guilt, unease and even self-revulsion.

It’s very easy for us to rationalize our eating habits, especially our bad eating habits. That is why we need nutritional counseling.

Some very annoying people have an incredible metabolism. They can process every piece of junk that they put into their body, but they are in an extreme minority.

The majority of us have to be careful what we eat, and everyone has different needs based upon various factors. A nutrition counselor can give us the information that we need to live a healthy life. What we put into our body has a huge impact on the way we think, act and live. Only with professional explanations and advice can we improve our intake and increase our quality of life dramatically.